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Product DescriptionThe Basstard is OKKO's take on overdrive/distortion for bass guitar. It provides a fat, dynamic, punchy yet contoured sound like a good, big, hard-working tube amp. Just like the other OKKO drive pedals, the Basstard features an internal voltage doubler in order to ensure sufficient headroom for strong signals from both passive and active pickups. It runs from a regular 9V battery or power supply.Two foot-switchable gain settings and a set of well-thought-out controls make the Basstard a versatile secret weapon for the stage and for recording sessions. Besides common self-explanatory knobs like GAIN and LEVEL, it comes with some more controls that allow effective tone shaping in an intuitive way.

Tags: Bottom, Drive, Dual pedal, Fuzz, Overdrive

Vendor: Okko


SKU: rev-994232