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The Simble__pedal, simbly amazing organic tone.

With_Simble_pedal_the guitar's own sound is the foundation where the overdrive is build onto._

Regardless of the pedal's control settings, your pickups still retain their character, keeping your valuable original tone intact._

Simble__is extremely transparent, senses playing dynamics like a dream, and sounds warm and organic.

With pedals_Sensitivity_controlyou can go all the way from a completely clean Tweed-type tone through Blackface-style overdrive into heavier distortion.

Even the most distorted tone you can clean by turning your guitar volume down.

The Unique_Accent_control affects the signal before it's overdriven. You can control the frequency range where the overdrive is mostly focused at._

There are a lot of useable tones to explore between the control's extreme settings from mellow_ tones to sharp pick attack.

Contour_is another special adjustment that is situated after the overdrive circuit, it enables you to balance overdriven and clean harmonics._

The_Simble__pedal works well with either single coil pickups or humbuckers and thanks to the pedals wide bandwidth, it also works with bass!


Vendor: Mad professor

Type: Dumble overdrive pedal