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Hello, my name is Me’kelle Brosnan, proud mother of two boys and wife. I am blessed to live in iconic Bend, Oregon, an avid athletic community. I grew up playing a variety of sports year round and have always been intrigued by how body mechanics can create successful movement for body care. Early on, I knew I wanted my career to be about helping people find confidence and reach their potential through fitness and nutrition.

During college, I discovered Pilates and fell in love with its many benefits—including the building of long, lean muscles through graceful exercises. I found in Pilates the exercise I needed to transform my body aesthetically and functionally. Target spots toned quickly, and mobility of my arthritic knee made all of my other athletic pursuits attainable again. I became stronger than my other exercise avenues ever provided. My Pilates practice through my osteoarthritis, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery taught me firsthand the benefits of Pilates for every body. I was so inspired by my own transformation and belief in the method that I pursued becoming an instructor myself. 

My love for being active is evident in my upbeat, fun and challenging teaching style. I have a passion to help people attain health and vitality. I eat a plant-based diet with the belief of the healing capability of balanced nutrition.  If you take care of your body, it will take care of you. Pilates combined with nutrition can be your key to a vibrant, healthy life!

I am now located at Move - Pilates + More, my pilates studio in Bend, Oregon.  I am available to travel to you based on request.  

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