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Gentlemen, Pilates isn't just another kind of workout you do or one more thing to add to your busy plate. Pilates is a very specific type of exercise to help your body function at a higher level in order to help improve your performance in other areas of fitness. I have your attention now, don't I? While many goals of Pilates apply to both genders, I want to tell you what to expect during a Pilates session.

Specifically, you're going to be worked strenuously to build muscle and recruit the stabilizer muscles in every movement. I will help you focus more on strength with extra resistance that challenges the large muscles, and extra light resistance on the stabilizer movements to challenge the often lesser-worked stabilizer muscles to hold their own body weight.

I'm going to help you become more flexible. Women are often more flexible than men, so we tend to spend a good deal of time stretching certain muscles and muscle groups. We'll work on spinal articulation to stretch your back muscles and loosen your hamstrings (can you touch your toes? I bet I can help you get there!). We will also incorporate a foam roller series to increase leg flexibility and fascia release. (Think about improving your squats, stiff-legged deadlifts, hamstring curls!)

Pilates will help you improve your sports performance, posture, and your range of motion for when you spend time lifting at the gym or in other areas of athletics. Next week we'll talk about how Pilates classes will improve your overall level of fitness, about sports injury repair, and performance improvement.

Grab a bro and sign up for a month of classes together and see if you're lifting better by the end of it. (The registration process is pretty simple, just click the "Sign up!" link at the top of the page and then choose which times you would like to sign up for the month under the "Classes" tab.) Any Pilates is better than no Pilates, however 2-3 times per week will be the most effective route for quickly and dramatically making the body improvements I discussed in this post.

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