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As I mentioned in the blog last week, planning smart to eat healthier choices, hydrating well, and cutting back on sugar will all contribute to better energy levels. Of course, a proper diet will partner well with your Pilates sessions to help you trim up and build muscle. My point with talking about nutrition is this: abs and definition are developed with Pilates but defined in the kitchen. A good Pilates routine can't cover up a sad diet. This week I want to offer a few more tips on how to eat well and when.

Have you ever wondered what you should eat before and after your Pilates class? You know going to a session hungry will have you low on energy, and possibly even get to the point of feeling faint, but going on a full stomach could make you nauseous. Here are my tips:

Before: Eat a small serving of a carbohydrates that are easily digestible.

Eat: A small serving of whole-wheat crackers, some whole-grain toast with butter, or a piece of fruit.

After: Plan to eat a protein-packed snack or meal to help satiate your hunger. This will also help prevent you from overeating the calories you just burned.

Eat: A hard boiled egg, apples or toast spread with a nut butter of your choice, or a protein smoothie.

Another tip is to not eat after 8PM. If you are positively hungry, grab a protein snack such as a handful of nuts and seeds paired with a serving of vegetables (like celery, carrot, bell pepper or jicama). Or grab string cheese or cottage cheese with a serving of vegetables. Skip eating carbs like toast or crackers this late, as your body would want to use them for energy, which you don't want as you're preparing for a good night of sleep.

You may notice that when I offer suggestions on what to eat it is based on a vegetarian or vegan diet. While I don't think this is necessary to eat healthy and live a healthy life, it is so beneficial to your body to limit your meat and dairy intake to add more vegetables, nuts, legumes, and fruit. This will increase the level of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins your body receives to operate at a healthier level. And as a bonus it's more sustainable for the environment to eat this way, also. Win-win.

Cheers to your health! Eat well and take a Pilates class in Bend, Oregon to improve your health and increase your enjoyment in life.

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Great Information!

Thanks Me’kelle

Posted by Ariel on September 15, 2015

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