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Have you heard about the Pilates Reformer and wondered what it actually is and does? The Reformer is an exercise apparatus built on a frame. On the frame is a carriage that moves on wheels, and the carriage is attached to a series of springs on one end in order to create a desired resistance for a multitude of exercises.

Exercises done on the reformer help teach your body careful, precise movements to enhance flexibility and strength. In daily life this benefits you with more balance, coordination, and better posture. The possibilities of varied exercises done on the reformer are practically endless. You might spend an entire session on the Reformer doing exercises while laying, standing, rowing while sitting, to perched on the foot bar, and more. By the end of a session on the Reformer every muscle in your body has been put to work!

The beauty of beginning Pilates with Reformer classes, and I do advise this track, is that being on the moving carriage of the Reformer will help you stabilize your core and properly recognize which muscle groups you are targeting. This way when you transition into mat classes you have good body awareness to help you stabilize and target the proper muscle groups without the assistance of the Reformer.

Want a demo of what exercise on the Reformer looks and feels like? Come in for a complimentary 20-minute consultation and postural analysis! I can show you how adding Pilates classes like these to your fitness routine could improve your sports performance and daily life.

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